We offer linked and dynamic cooperation in the area of flexible IT,
telecommunications and detections systems.

We are major in customers with world wide scope. All of our activity
is focused on solution, which works for you, not you for it.

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We offer a complex support in the IT branch with a maximum respect to the requests and the needs of the user.

We offer modern, highly variable software, which allows an intelligent managing of the company economy processes. We also offer a custom software development.

Telecommunication technologies have been our object of business since 1993 and we have always tried to bring the most beneficial communication system to our customer.

Our product range: SIEMENS, THOMSON, SPHAIRON, etc.

In the field of detection systems, we offer many years of experience and a long term cooperation with the companies who own patents on unique technologies and their products belong among the top technological systems in the world.

Fire detection at long distances, leak detection of dangerous substances, explosive materials detection, monitoring of critical areas or bounded spaces.